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  • The Spark


    This song has it all - melodic finger picking, unique chord voicings, elegant soloing, and a boot-full of licks and phrasing techniques for you to tackle! This song contains one of my favourite solos. Not only will I break down the song for you so that you can learn it yourself, but I'll also share with you some compositional insights about the piece.

    19 Steps
    33 Students
  • Its Been A While


    Want to know how to use triads effectively? It doesn't get any more clear than this! This song is a true triad-fest, and a fantastic showcase of their power. Not only will I teach you how to play this song, but I'll also give you some compositional insights, and there's also a tasty solo at the end with some unusual melodic movements that you can add to your musical vocabulary.

    15 Steps
    37 Students