CAGED Fretboard Visualisation Masterclass

A logical and systematic approach to mapping out the entire guitar neck, in aid of improvisation, composition, memorisation, and music theory.







About This Masterclass

Have you ever asked yourself: “How is it possible to remember and master all of the scales, modes, and chords on guitar, whilst having an impeccable sense of awareness on the neck when improvising or composing!?” Well the truth is – you don’t need to remember all of this information! Experienced guitar players have the ability to build these principles ‘on the spot’, as a reflection of their ability to visualise the guitar neck at ease.

Fretboard visualisation is an essential concept that will help you with all aspects of playing. Whether you want to develop your ability to improvise, compose, or simply organise all of your theory knowledge into one logical and systematic method, this course has something to offer for everyone! 

Imagine driving through a country that you have never been to before, without using highways, signage, GPS, or any other mapping aids. You may reach your destination eventually, but it may take much longer than you’d hope for. You can think of ‘The CAGED System‘ as the highways, signage, GPS, and map, to your guitar fretboard. Not only will you get to your destination much quicker, but you’ll be able to find new routes around the fretboard that you may not have previously thought of. This course will give you a method that will allow you to visualise your entire neck clearly, leaving little to no gaps in your knowledge of the fretboard.

After studying and using CAGED Visualisation for many years now, I have come to realise that it is one of the most revolutionary concepts that I have learned, and taught, on guitar. I never knew how foggy my fretboard knowledge was until I studied The CAGED System myself.

This is why I present to you my “CAGED Fretboard Visualisation Masterclass”, which is aimed towards guitar players of all levels and interests. This instructional course is not geared towards one type of player or genre, as it can be beneficial for guitar players from all backgrounds.

If this knowledge is implemented and practiced thoroughly, it will truly open your eyes to how the guitar is mapped out.

This course will give you a method that will allow you to visualise your entire neck clearly, leaving little to no gaps in your knowledge of the fretboard. It includes over 1.5 hours of guided video instruction, backed with thorough lesson transcripts, countless fretboard diagrams, lifetime access, and community support.

The course is organised into four sections:

The first section is designed to prime you for the main bulk of knowledge throughout this course. I will show you the basic principles of CAGED and intervals.

In the second section I will show you how to implement musically crucial devices within each of the CAGED positions. By the end of this section you will have a full fretboard workout, which will allow you to play confidently and consciously in a major key.

The third section takes a very similar approach, but adapted to suit minor keys. The concept of minor in relation to major may sound easy, but it’s much more difficult than you might think.

In the final section, I will share with you some practice ideas that will help you develop your fretboard visualisation furthermore, as well as most importantly show you how to implement all of this knowledge among real-world scenarios such as playing over chord changes. You will learn how to visualise chord tones, modes, chords, and much more practical and useful things!


Suggested Prerequisites

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About The Classes

After purchasing a course, you will have immediate access to all of its resources from any device that you log-in from. You only require an internet connection. No huge downloads are necessary!

Where possible, diagrams and tabs are provided both on-screen and as downloads to help you to fully engage with the topic at hand. Tabs are always available for download in both PDF and Guitar Pro format.

Purchasing this class gives you unrestricted access to all resources of this class, including any future updates! Even after completing the course curriculum you can re-visit any time and refresh your memory.


Course Reviews

5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
Very good0%

For years I’ve fallen back on the same old bar chords/power chords and the same old licks, THIS will change that!

I’m working my way through Darryl’s instructional courses and they are doing me the world of good. I should have learned this stuff years ago but it’s never too late to start. I’m picking it up really well and I’m actually learning and progressing instead of playing the same old stuff I’ve been playing for years and got nowhere with. If you have been playing for years, like me, or just starting, start with the CAGED Masterclass, it’s absolutely what you need. You will see the fretboard differently, it will open everything up for you. GO! GO DO IT NOW! ✌️

Avatar for John
3rd September 2020

Very very useful Masterclass!

Get this one. You won’t regret it!

Avatar for Christian
21st June 2020

Easily one of my best purchases ever!

I’ve heard the CAGED system before but never knew that it would be this useful. Darryl explained it very well and helps me understand the whole system. This course will help you visualize the fretboard, thus making it easier to do things that you wanted on the guitar. Pentatonic across the neck? Not a problem! Building any chords along with inversions? Absolutely! Creating Harmony? Of course! Easily one of my best purchases ever! I really recommend it if you want to go further with your guitar playing!

Avatar for Fajar
3rd January 2020

Great stuff!!!

I am familiar with the CAGED system and use it myself, but have never had it explained so well. I really like how Darryl has a step by step approach on each shape that builds on the intervalic relationships between the root note of the parent chord.

Avatar for Andrew
15th June 2019