Melodic Finger Picking Masterclass

A modern approach to finger-style playing, teaching you how to combine both rhythmic and melodic ideas into EPIC musical masterpieces.







About This Masterclass

This masterclass will teach you both the technique involved in modern finger-style, and most importantly how to actually implement the style into your own musical ideas. I’ll cover everything from technique, composition, musical development, and how to combine chords & melody, which will leave you feeling motivated and inspired, with plenty to play with and implement into your practice!

I’ll teach you the technique involved for finger-style through a selection of my favourite patterns, and also demonstrate how you can transform those simple patterns into intricate musical masterpieces! I also include percussive techniques such as ghost notes, hits, flicks, and slaps, leaving little to no gaps in your ability by the end of the masterclass.

Not only will you learn how to transform catchy finger picking patterns into musical masterpieces, but amongst the bonus content I will also teach you how to play some of my own finger-style songs!

This course teaches the technique of finger picking with thoroughness. Not only will you learn the technique involved, but I will also show you how to use and apply the technique in music.

The course is organised into three sections:

The first section focuses entirely on technique. You will learn the fundamental principles of finger picking including: nail care, finger independence, percussive techniques, ghost notes, and more.

In this second section I will share with you a selection of my favourite and most used finger picking patterns. I will begin by showing you how to play the pattern, and then how to apply it to basic harmony ideas. Then I will begin to introduce melody and work towards combining ideas, gradually putting together a selection of 10+ ‘mini songs’ for you to learn and elaborate on in your own way!

The third section contains a variety of different things for you to learn and have fun with. Most noteworthy, in this section I teach you how to play selection of my own finger-style songs, which use some of the ideas that I would have formerly demonstrated.


Suggested Prerequisites

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About The Classes

After purchasing a course, you will have immediate access to all of its resources from any device that you log-in from. You only require an internet connection. No huge downloads are necessary!

Where possible, diagrams and tabs are provided both on-screen and as downloads to help you to fully engage with the topic at hand. Tabs are always available for download in both PDF and Guitar Pro format.

Purchasing this class gives you unrestricted access to all resources of this class, including any future updates! Even after completing the course curriculum you can re-visit any time and refresh your memory.


Course Reviews

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This melodic finger picking masterclass is spectacular!

Darryl starts with the very basics showing clearly how to perform the technique, then he progresses to show a number of different example chord progressions (songs) using the technique. There are tabs and clear video shots showing how each chord and each song is played at a very slow tempo and then up to speed.

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20th May 2020